Changing Your Name After a Divorce

A name is an integral part of a person’s identity. A name is used for establishing credit, arranging public services, paying bills, and more. Naturally, changing a name involves the legal system. Yet, changing your name after a divorce in New Jersey is not that complicated when done right.

How to Change Back to Your Maiden Name

Many states make changing one’s name because of marriage or divorce difficult. New Jersey is not such a state, provided the person getting divorced follows the law. When a person marries in New Jersey, the ability to change their name is as simple as presenting their marriage certificate to the Motor Vehicle Commission, Social Security office, creditors, and other interested parties. Changing your name after a divorce can be nearly as simple.

New Jersey allows either party to a divorce to change their name at the time of the divorce. The judge will simply rule the change to be so and it will be so. Then the person making the name change need only present the official court papers to interested parties. This is the easy way.

Sometimes people do not make a request to the court for a name change at the time of the divorce proceedings. Regardless of the reason, if this should happen a person will have to follow a more complicated route.

New Jersey follows a name change process that first requires filing a petition in the local Superior Court. This will consist of swearing out an affidavit that your reason for requesting the name change is not to avoid prosecution of a crime or for the commission of a crime, such as fraud.

Next, you will need to place a notice in a local newspaper stating that you intend to change your name. Interested parties will need to be notified as well such as creditors, landlord, bank, etc., and you will need to bring proof of these notifications to court. Next, you will have to state your case for the request to change your name to a judge.

Assuming he or she rules in your favor, copies of the court documents will then have to be forwarded by you to the Registrar of Vital Statistics and the state Department of Treasury.

Finally, once the name change is complete, your former name may not be used under any circumstance and any civil suits you face will remain valid.

When Children Are Involved

If children are involved in the divorce, some parents may ask the courts to also change their names to reflect the custodial parent name. This is seldom approved, with most courts preferring to leave the paternal name with the children. However, there may be instances where making a name change is in the best interests of the children; the courts consider each case on its merits.

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