Getting Through the Holidays After Divorce

The holiday season is especially tough on divorced families. Family traditions are disrupted, decisions regarding how to best accommodate children must be made, and feelings can get hurt.

It is not uncommon to forget the specifics of a divorce agreement regarding the holidays until they arrive. Anyone wanting to get through the holidays after divorce should start by reading their divorce decree and child custody agreement.

Getting Through the Holidays Mentally

The holidays are a busy time for most people. For new divorcees, getting involved in the many holiday activities taking place can be a good way to get through the season mentally. Keeping the mind active can reduce much of the stress that is related to the combination of the holiday season and divorce. This strategy is especially helpful for anyone forced to spend the holidays apart from their children.

Getting Through the Holidays Emotionally

Emotions might run high during the first holiday season after a divorce. Depression rates increase during the holiday season – an indicator of just how stressful this time of year can be. Add a recent divorce and a tough child-custody ruling and Thanksgiving and Christmas become very tough to get through.

Surrounding oneself with loved ones is a good way to get through. Haven’t seen a sister in years? Now might be a good time to visit.

Helping Children Adapt to New Traditions

As divorcees forge new traditions during post-divorce holidays, children may need help adjusting. Understand that while children are malleable, they are just as aversive to change as anyone.

Tell children what is happening. If they are young, keep explanations simple, but help them understand that the changes already happening will continue for a time, especially during holidays. Remind them that things will be different.

Teens too will have a hard time adjusting. They need infinite patience and maybe some space, but they will adjust if helped along by parents who care.

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