Domestic Violence an Issue Across All Social Classes

Domestic Violence is a serious concern in the U.S. Although some people mistakenly believe domestic violence only affects women in impoverished and minority communities, nothing could be further from the truth. Domestic violence impacts men and women of every race and socio-economic standing. In fact, among the more affluent, violent home situations are often worsened because of the higher economic situation. Further, the issue can become more complicated for victims in affluent neighborhoods for a number of reasons.

Facts and Misconceptions About Domestic Violence

One of the largest misconceptions about domestic violence is that it only affects persons living in poverty. Part of the reason for this misconception is that research is limited according to the data collected. Because many victims who live in affluent neighborhoods fear the social ramifications to making the situation known, silence becomes a barrier to receiving help. It also becomes a barrier to researchers learning the facts.

Often, a victim of an abusive relationship is virtually trapped by the affluent partner, who is most frequently male. The abuser holds the purse strings and the victim has little in the way of resources. The victim knows that if they phone the police for help, several things will happen. First, the neighbors will know and often, the victim will be shunned in the community. If the victim decides to seek a divorce, she or he will have to find a way, with little to no income, to survive.

Is Domestic Violence More Common in Affluent Neighborhoods?

Along with other underlying factors, the stress associated with maintaining a higher standard of living can trigger an abusive relationship. Yet, it is not that affluence creates stress, but economic uncertainty associated with a volatile market that triggers dangerous stressors. Again however, little is yet known because those living in affluent neighborhoods tend to remain silent.

Finally, another element that plays into the issue is the nature of the properties in which the affluent live. Homes are larger and there is often more space between properties. In such a situation, an abuser can be as loud as he wants and the victims can scream or cry, but neighbors do not hear. Thus, phone calls are not made to authorities in such surroundings as they are in physically closer communities. This physical element may be another key factor explaining why there is less data related to in-home violence and abuse in affluent communities.

Cherry Hill Divorce Lawyers at Richard C. Klein, P.A. Help Victims Escape Domestic Violence

Domestic violence does not discriminate, but victims are not without help. The at understand that abuse can strike anyone at any time. We also understand that when a person lives in an affluent neighborhood, discretion is a must. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence and needs help escaping a bad relationship, we can help. Our caring and compassionate attorneys will meet with you in confidence and help plan an exit strategy that will both ensure your safety and your dignity. Whether you live in Cherry Hill, Camden County, Burlington County, or Atlantic County, New Jersey, or call now 856-544-9155.