Alimony Modification

If your financial status changes or your needs change after a divorce settlement, you may find that the financial arrangement you agreed to does not work for you anymore. When this happens, you can ask the court for a modification of your order – although it can be a difficult and challenging process. If your standard of living has changed, and you can no longer maintain the standard of living you were meant to have when the original judgment was awarded, a qualified attorney can help to make things right.

Reasons to Reexamine an Alimony Judgment

There are many ways your financial picture can change. The following changes of circumstance may offer good cause to increase, decrease, or eliminate alimony in New Jersey:

  • Retirement
  • Reduced income or unemployment for either party
  • A substantial inheritance
  • A cost of living increase
  • Illness, disability, or infirmity
  • An increase in income by the person receiving alimony
  • The alimony recipient loses an apartment or a home
  • The party receiving alimony cohabitates in a “marriage-like” situation
The Burden of Proof is On You

If you request an alimony modification, you must be prepared to prove your case. You will need to demonstrate that your change of circumstances has “substantially impaired your ability to support yourself.” This is based on Lepis vs. Lepis, a 1980 Supreme Court case that set the standard for alimony judgment modification.

Cherry Hill Divorce Lawyers at the Law Offices of Richard C. Klein, P.A. Can Help with Alimony Modification

Life is always changing, and sometimes your finances change as well. If you need to make modifications to an alimony agreement, a can help. At the Law Offices of Richard C. Klein, we provide powerful advocacy and vast experience to protect your rights, and modify your alimony agreement to something that is fair and manageable. To learn more, complete our online contact form, or call (856) 544-9155. We are located in Marlton, New Jersey, and we work with clients from Mount Laurel, Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Maple Shade, and Marlton.

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